Sångtext Rage Against The Machine: CIA Criminals In Action

CIA Criminals In Action

This voice shatters the calm of the day like an alarm,
So wake up bright anew and take up arms,
'Cause more is necessary than vocabulary war,
'Cause the toxic rock (crack) import's hitting on your door
CIA, I'll see you later 'cause your time is coming soon
I flip this shit like Pacino and it's your dog day afternoon
Attica, Attica, drug agents you bring your static-a
My alphabet will slash and then can flip you automatic-a,
Dramatic like Ali-Shaheed Mohammed* brought the vibes
I bring the sun at red dawn upon the thoughts of Franz Fanon
So stand at attention devil ???,
You'll never survive choosing sides against the Wretched of the Earth (Fanon's book)
The infiltrator,
??? intoxicator,
People incarcerator,
Liberation movement annihilator
We got you clocked pushing rocks and it fell
We got brothers trooping subways like the Ho Chi Minh trail
We got the truth addict, Last Emperor, KRS and history manifested
Tomorrow tha next lesson

You claim I'm selling' crack but you be doing' that
You know the cops, they got a network for the toxic rock
You claim I'm selling' crack but you be doing' that
So get that flashlight outta my face
You claim I'm selling' crack but you be doing' that
The Last Emperor, KRS-One & Big Zack

As free-market capitalism and technology expands,
The third world's fertile soil becomes a desert wasteland
So it takes ??? to demand the government provide answers,
When Lady Liberty has me bewitched like Samantha,
And poverty is one of the most malignant forms of cancer
To all my black magik romancers and acid rain dancers,
Develop close ties like Jerry Seinfeld and George Costanza
We fear no man and throw jams that attack counter-intelligence programs
Exciting like the epic adventures of Conan,
I colonize minds like Zaire by the Belgians
Now what hell is the problem with this system and what it sells us?
I bring ancient relics like Wyclef did to zealots
I saw an iron curtain called hip-hop and got it open like Boris Yeltsen
Whirlwind tornadoes in the rain forest if you say so
KRS and the Last Emperor war like the Green Hornet and Kato
Zack de la Rocha brings the enraged flow
But all three drop science and become the most powerful alliance since NATO

Need I say the CIA be criminals in action,
Cocaine crack-unpacking, high surveillance-tracking
Prominent blacks and whites giving orders for mass slaughters
I want all my daughters to be like Maxine Waters
When they flooded the streets with crack cocaine I was like Noah,
Now they ???? 'cause the whole Cold War is over
Communism fell to the dollars you were grabbing
All the assault and battering in the name of intelligence-gathering
Now it's karma you're battling--a losing fight
I choose the mic to recite, ignite light in the night, aight
We should beat em, President Clinton should delete 'em
It's not hard, the CIA simply has no more jo
Oh my goddess, mother, you can fix this
We rock over mixes, not 666s
Yo, this is the message to all that can hear it
If you got secret information now's the time to share it
Call your congresswoman, your senator, your Mayor
It's time for all the scholars to unite with all the playas
Rearrange and see, times is definitely changing, G
They used to tap the phone now they tapping while you paging me
It's crazy B yet it's plain to see who's the enemy Who's left?
The NRA, the ATF, the AMA? OK, OK, it's all irrelevant
'Cause in the new millennium there'll be no central intelligence

*Ali Shaheed Mohammed is the DJ for A Tribe Called Quest