Rub One Out

Girl, when I think of you, I only think of one thing
And you know what that is (I only think of one thing)

I lock my door, get down on the floor and I rub one out
I sit back in my chair like I just don't care and I rub one out
When I'm feelin lonely and I want you to hold me I rub one out, yeah
CHORUS: Rub one out, yeah dont be shy
Rub one out girl don't ask why
Rub one out I'll grab my crotch
Rub one out do you wanna watch

When I'm alone (uh) and you're on the phone I rub one out
(I rub one out baby)
When I'm feelin hot (whoo) and I'm all in a knot I rub one out
So baby don't be shy, don't ask why I rub one out
Repeat chorus

Girl I wanna get inside you
What I'd do to get beside you
Ooh, my machine (my machine) more than sexy (more than sexy)
And I rub one out 'cause that's the way that it effects my babe

It's not enough, kissin and stop so I rub one out
When you're not here and I want you near I rub one out
Repeat chorus