Sometimes we must live through darkness
In order to see the light,
We must visualize

Close your eyes
The most beautiful girl there could be
Just one sign
It's like gazing right into the sea*

Floating down the street
She stands out like a candlelight
When I look in her eyes,
I know not having sight**
Couldn't change this feelin
So I walked towards her
With this vision in my mind**{?
With a hand on my face
and a smile on hers
I softly say goodnight


I never dreamt of one who possessed
This gift of gold (gift of gold)
She sees beyond through the darkest clouds
She knows my soul
Will she be my girl
Is she of this world?
Will I ever know?
When the time is right
She will be my light**
She is my angel


With a touch of the sand
From a far away land
Gazing at perfection
In the palm of my hand
A touch from her face
That far away place
There's no one above her,
Her spirit and grace

repeat chorus until end

Yeah I'm walking through the misty air
In my mind, my baby is there
Having you in my life is my only care
So beautiful that we can dream