Text písně A Thorn For Every Heart: Rain On Her Parade

Rain On Her Parade

Have you ever loved her?
I have and it hurts (I have and I know it hurts)
To watch you fall like you were nothing (nothing)
And what for? (what for?), youth is lost

And I punch the walls
Do you care at all?
Those days were forever ours
Your forgotten lies
They stood the test of time

So I take this opportunity
To tell you what you don't mean to me (tell you what you don't mean to me)
Your grievances have left me standing still
Under a dark grey sky we come undone (dark grey sky we come undone)

And you've lost it all
Think you're so beautiful? Says who?
With scars of our love
"So beautiful', says who?

Before they throw you a parade
We should dispose of your charades
If they only knew (The person that you are)
The person i could be (The person you could've been)

Through rise and fall
You lost it all
You lost it all
You lost it all

So can I really love her? (love her?)
I have and I know it hurts
Many times I felt like I was nothing
And what for?
Never know
I've lost it all