Sad Eyed Goodbyes

this wont hurt I swear
but please dont close your eyes
as i climb out of them
to see your face again darling
wont recover from the fall
wont bother to try
cause there is no reason to
when the fall was in to love with you

we'll fall asleep when the street lights come on
wake up at 3 am hey baby come on
walk to the beach
watch the sun rise from the sea
new light will swallow the stars
painting pictures straight from dreams

i'll turn out the light
and leave you with a kiss
i hate these rooms apart
even though its not very far but still
goodnight is like goodbye
you say don't leave i say i wish
another lonely night
i had to leave you with sad eyes

sometimes our dreams dont seem so far
but then i wake up and i just can't seem to reach
but when i leave you know i'm not that far
so many lessons life has yet had time to teach

and this summer when i go away
i swear i'll think about you everyday
everytime i close my eyelids
i know i'll see you on the back of them
missing the little things you always do for me
can you feel my hearts concern
throw it in the fire let it burn