Rock This House

Every, every
Every, everybody

Tonight's the night we're breaking out
and starting up the mix
If the day has got you down
then come and get your fix
Worries will just fade away
as you feel the beat
Just let the bassline grab your soul
and move you to your feet

The needle's in the groove
and we're getting in the mood
It's time to make your move
so come on baby,

Everbody rock this house tonight
Let the music take you high
We're gonna funk it up all night
all night, all night

So now the party's in the swing
and everybody's fine
If you don't shake your pretty thing
we'll leave you way behind
So come with us and be someone
hanging with the best
By the time this tune is done
we'll be wrapping up the rest

Repeat bridge and chorus

Ev-ry-body dance, everybody dance
Ev-ry-body dance, everybody dance
C'mon now,
Ev-ry-body dance, everybody dance
everybody dance

Every, every
Every, everybody

Repeat Chorus till end