Colour Line

Today the colour line/ is the power line/ is the poverty line
Racism and imperialism work in tandem
And poverty is their handmaiden
Those who are poor and powerless to break out of their poverty
Are also those who by and large are non-white, non-western, third world
Poverty and powerlessness are intertwined in color, in race
Discrimination and exploitation feed into each other today, under global capitalism
We are back to primitive accumulation - plunder on a world scale
Only this time, the pillage is accompanied by aid, sustained by expert advice and underpinned by programmes and polices that perpetuate dependency
The IMF, the World Bank, Structural adjustment programmes
General agreement on tariffs and trade-gatt
Are just a few of the organizations, schemes, projects
Which under the guise of developing the third world Plunder it
Trade agreements and commodity price fixing, patients and intellectual rights
They lock them into paralytic dependency
There is no such thing as illegal immigrants, only illegal governments
Today, the colour line/ is the power line/ is the poverty line