Cfpa Remix- Class Of '99

Andrew Peake, Cary Sherman, Rich Roedel and Jack Dempsey
We be the g's who run this joint
Fuckin' bitches, sippin' brew be the motherfuckin' point
The seniors who knew
The ones who stayed true
So we lost a few and we won a few
Football season ain't shit unless you enjoy the brew
We hail to Flowell'n, our kickass funnel
After kicking Ridgefield's ass, or giving Trinity a pummel
Broken legs, hurt knees, we battled the fuck on
Against Bassick, Wilton, we got our truck on
Stamford wasn't shit, Danbury was a win if they didn't have the luck on
Moreover, we made this world
A better place to live as a New Canaan Football Player
May the legacy of the CFPA live on
For many years to come
Special thanks to Lou Marinelli and Francis J Arcamone