Leave This World Breathing

"Where were you"?
My thought screamed "Do you even love me"? Oh how my heart ached
Abandooned to the horror of my solitude, "where were you?" "where were you?"
"where were you?" Lifeless and loved less double shifts and overtime, don't
make sense to a lonely child Your abscence is the void, growing within my
soul "where were you?" lifeless and loved less How the tears came so

Now that you have departed from this world, an age has come when questions
are abound, inquiries into your existence and life I then recalled
something you said, so profound "I never clamed to have all the answeers,
although you thought I should, I was driven by love, motivated by you I
tried to provide the best that I could, I tried to provide the best that I
could" I couldn't grasp their meaning that solemn day, but your tone moved
through my heart, driven by love, I have kept them safe, since that solemn
day, knowing that they would one day ring true, drivin by live So I sit
here alone again while he is dreaming thinking of you and everything I
didn't understand I long to go back to my days as a child, and re-live life
without a heart and a handful of hate

As I hold him in my arms, all I can think of is you, I finally understand
what kind of hell you were going through We are all driven by love We are
all sometimes sacrificed for the sake of love, As we leave this world