Text písně Bruce Low: Never tell your mother shes out of tune

Never tell your mother shes out of tune

When I hear that big black whistle they blow
I feel inside it's time for me to be going
Fortunately baby I'd already gone before
When they say I'm worth ten pieces of coal
and you shouting hey what about when you are an old man
Fortunately baby I'd already locked the door

They say there are men who are blue like me in the stars
Beards for the weird and bars for bizarre guitarmen
Fortunately baby I'd already joined the force

Good time train well it does not need any track
It wins the race to the place where I'm gonna pack up
Fortunately baby I'd already grabbed the sky

All the days that the road has spent on me
Judges shout you must slave to be a freeman
Fortunately baby I am never coming back

Good time train, good time train