Epitaph In Two Parts


No word! Let pass your tiny lips
Lassitude to cage has bedimmed
An eve of feculent dark coven
Bow over coffin you lament

Your bitter tears fall on his face
No paler rose will grow on grave
"Be silent!" pass his lips
"Don't dare to awaken me!"

"In this remorseless age I lived
inhaling violent, disgraceful seed
to be succumbed to breath of death
to leave the things I'd never left"

"And now aloof, no live, no feel
Can't even taste Thy tears to thrill
I'm alone a stone to be
On my grave with these words for Thee"

[10 March 1999]


My love! It comes through storm of night
Pale shadows fall unveiled by light
I feel it's approaching by the narrow haunted path
Where I did hear Your clear loud laugh
My heart will be hearing and starts to beat
Like beauty-Earth on its death-bed sleeps
Love will be heard by my remains
They start to live for her again
Let even years I've lain in grave
Let even death did take my age
I was not crying I was braved
All grief is gone all pain assuaged
My spirit will arise and will be trembling
Under the feet of Her, for our love - it's neverending
It becomes wild to You like entwined lovers
It's coming out for you with purple flowers

[04 January 1999]