Terrorist's Life

The violent pursuit of what they hope to be
A better world
Rejection of society and the desire
To destroy it
As we look back, so many attacks
Because back through time, many men have died
It's all the same; many will be slain
Long live the rebels, the flashed in the sky
Iran, Pakistan, many countries lie
Middle East in turmoil, ironic sick game
Looks like the world's slowly going insane
Bombs and arms, the missiles in the sky
If they're such men of wisdom,
Why is there still terrorism?
Pope John Paul was shot in Rome
Ronal Reagan was shot here at home
Oktoberfest murders in Munich, Germany
Sixty hostages in the Turkish embassy
As we look back, they attack
(repeat chorus)
I wonder when the world is gonna Glow
Self destruction, they just don't know
World destruction is a friend to us all
Crying won't help no matter how sad
Leaders on a one way mission;
They're on a mission to the top
Until armagheddon it seems,
Until Armagheddon, will they stop