Infested Night

Faded in oblivion, as darkness slept,
embraced by dusk, a veil of conspiracy
scratching at twilight's shores,
while grace decayed, freezed by sobriety

Through misty long lost times,
it surveyed an endless, growing wideness
garnished with perfidious welling glory,
cruelty ruled, a triumph of senselessness

Seize hell's darkwinds and let them crash on these planes,
shake the dusty ground, devour all their bitter lifes
Damn virginity and paint sin in its colour
So might will fall and my star shall rise !!

A filthy laughter drowned the storm,
as the black wizard, robed in evil passion,
summoned the beast, awaking fate's temper
mortal souls cried, mantled by spiritual fire

Just one spell to devour the day, a ban to bring darkness

So winding in damnation,
ignorance slept a restless sleep
Dreaming of vengeance,
thirsting for traitor's blood

Cause Revenge will chain the pity soon
and the lost kingdom will be reborn