Text písně Doug Supernaw: Time off from Good Behavior

Time off from Good Behavior

Writers: Roger Springer/Tony Martin/Reese Wilson

We've been working real hard and the bills are caught up
For three weeks at church we've been sitting up front
Even had your Mamma over for lunch
We've been good little angles but enough's enough

It's early to bed and early to rise
Crossing out T's and dotting out I's
We've paid out dues and we've paid our tithes
But for goodness sake it's Friday night


We need time off from good behavior
Spend a li'l too much stay up a lot later
Get a little naughty, do ourselves a favor
Take a little time off from good behavior

We've been all wrapped up in our daily grind
We'll come unwound if we don't unwind
We'll mind our P's and Q's some other time
I think a little R & R's in line