Text písně Eleanor McEvoy: There's More To This Woman

There's More To This Woman

Something came along
And stopped me right in my tracks
I'd tell you what it was
But I can't be exact
But it filled me with strength
And it held me intact
When it blessed me with courage
And shamed me to act
I'm unable to establish
The moment in time
When swallowed in rhetoric
And dressed up in rhyme
I went and faced the music
And all that entailed
The right on my side gave
Wind to my sails
When it's time, let it go,
You've got to let it go
When the time has come,
You have to let it go

You took me for granted
You took me for mad
And you know you took advantage
Of the trust that I had
It shocked me to notice
The mess I was in
It hurt me to find out
The fool that I'd been
I know you always
Underestimated me
There's more to this girl
Than the girl (that) you see
You thought that when you'd gone
I'd be fallin' apart
But there's more to this woman
Than a woman's heart
But there's more to this woman
Than a woman's heart
Repeat chorus
There's a time to be faithful
There's a time to be brave
I was trying to rescue
Struggling to save

Every little piece of
What was left to me here
Every little shred
Of all I held dear
Until piece by piece
And bit by bit
I gathered them together
And I made them all fit
Until standing tall
And feeling strong
I'm facing the future
And my life goes on
And then life still goes on
Repeat chorus