Stars And Stripes

welcoming with open arms and with open hearts
in the end they found their arms in shackles and their hearts torn out
this country named "america" is built on graves
of the natives who lived here before genocide took place
the word "america" means "freedom" - as in, "free to kill the free"

don't fly those stripes, those stars-and-stripes for me
it's the same today as then, as US (tax) dollars are spent
to rid the native insurgence in Mexico, and any other US (corporate) "interests"
the 3rd world is a modern day playground for multinational companies
and the tax dollars we're forced to pay, fund these heartless US policies
their explanation "it's national interest, national security"

at little big horn national cemetery, there's a monument that reads:
"to the soldiers killed in montana while clearing hostile indians away'
and there's a flag there flying high, over the fallen killers' graves
when they call on me to die for them i'll say "not me!"