at first you said i do now its i did said together we shall live but now you're mad with the time we spendyou used to be jealous of my friends and fill my weekends, but now you're off for past times playing games wit my mind you're layin the blame in my lap but your laying in my bed yo i meant what i said when you weren't listening, so i'll say it again
See, i'm not sayin it again, see you need to know that i'm commin to an end of my silent partnering, off guard when i gain satisfaction-bare minimun see your mind is made up to obey opinions from aqaintances whose situations suggest loneliness i try to leave but you protest professing you love me but, cards show me nothing you want me out but you keep me in patience grows thin as you move through your motions, i cry oceans my tears become orphans as my soul leaves this apartment,yo i get migraines, heart pains, tear stains, unfair games ,with increases in the pain
Chorus to the end