Lay Down

Hey baby
I feel good today you know?
(Lay down)
Lets justlets just lay down
(Lay down)
Spend some time you know?
Laugh, joke
(Lay down)
Just be silly
(Lets just lay down)
[Verse 1: Marsha]
How are you?
Well I'm just fine
I missed your call, around five
I'm getting back to you, cause you are on my mind
I wanna know, can I see you tonight?
If you cant, I'll understand
Ain't gonna front, I wanna take ya hand
And show ya baby, that I'm sincere
I want you to be here
Let's just spend a little time,
Do a little more
Share what's in our hearts
Give each other all
Nothing more to do,
Lying right here with you
Let's just lay down
I'm so happy that we're here together
(Lets just lay down)
(Lay down)
This kind of reminds me of forever
(Lets just lay down)
[Verse 2: Marsha]
How am I?
I can't complain
I'm really happy
That you're here with me
Again, it's been awhile
I'll tell you what,
If you have got a minute,
We can lay until the sun, comes up
I'll understand
If it's much to early to determine
If we can, stay together
This way together
Let's lay together

Lets justlet's stay in today
(Lets just lay down)
(Lay down)
I wanna just love you in that special way you know?
(Lets just lay down)
(Lay down)
[Bridge: Natalie]
This is all we need
A little time to just,
Chill back and be
So much going on outside of these walls
ButI just wanted to share with you,
The truth
All I do is think about you
My love
Maybe we could, stay home today
I just wannashare
I just wannacare
We should take the time (Time to be in love)
We just have tochoose (Choose)
What we wannado (Do)
I miss you (Yeah)
Can I kiss you? (Yeah)
Let's spend some time
(Spend a little more time)
[Outro: Natalie]
Yeah, can we just focus on us?
(Lets just lay down)
(Lay down)
Right home to your heart, it's never too much
(Lets just lay down)
(Lay down)
Wherever you want,
The bathroom, the living room,
We can
(Lay lay lay down)
(Lay down)
The kitchen, the bedroom
We can just
(Lay lay lay down)
(Lay down)
Lay down baby
Please just
Let me
Let you
Lay down