Just A Memory

I've never felt somebody watching over me I'm on my own, I'm by myself
Reality has never been so true to me I won't believe you're just a memory
Everything I look at, the painful memories They'll always be with me
Why can't the feelings be the same? I thought it could've been the way we
wanted it, I thought I could've been Why can't the feelings go away?
These scars won't go away Your love is all that I bled These scars won't
go away Do you feel each tear that drops from my eye? Can you feel the
pain? You'll never know what I went through, and now I'll never be the
same Did you even look both ways? Never again can I feel this way,
because you tore my heart right out of me I can't believe all those words
you said to me Now I'm holding back all the shit that I got back Too
much love could hurt someone Sometimes I cry The feelings, the dreams, I
cannot hide If you were still mine, our love is scarred on me forever
Sometimes I wish I had never gone through with all those words you said to
me I can't go on hiding feelings this long