Pedro the Fisherman


Pedro the fisherman was always whistling
Such a merry call
Girls who were passing by would hear him whistling
By the harbour wall

But his sweetheart, Nina, who
Loved him true, always new
That this call was meant for her alone

And in the evening when the lights were gleaming
And they had to part
As he sailed his boat away, echoing across the bay
Came the song that lingered in her heart


But days of dreaming quickly pass and life goes rolling on
And one day from the harbour wall, she found his boat had gone
He'd sailed away to find the gold the sea could never bring
To buy a dress, a cuckoo clock, a saucepan and a ring

She kept her eyes on the blue horizon
But he didn't return
She stopped her sighing and stopped her crying
'Cause he-ee-ee didn't return

One day her father said to her, oh dearest daughter mine
You never make a lot from fish, you make much more from wine
Though Miguel is very fat, his vineyard's doing well
So marry him and let your dream of Pedro go to -


The organ peals, the choir boys sing
The preachers ready with the book and ring
So small and white, here comes the bride
And stands by slobby Miguel's side

Will you take this man to be your lawful spouse eternally
Then suddenly the church is still
They wait to hear her say 'I will'
When from the open doorway there
A familiar sound disturbs the air


Suddenly she found her man, from the church, out she ran
There to meet him by the harbour wall

Down rushed the wedding guests upon the quayside
But the bride had gone
As with love they sailed away, echoing across the bay