Text písně Guardians Of Time: Intervention From Beyond

Intervention From Beyond

Oh no (mortality), what a dreadful delight
Immortal: the purest essence of might

"In the same instance as the Guardians of Time materialises themselves
In the tower, Delacroix quickly transfers herself into the Mainframe"

Guardians, intervening from beyond,
They have come for her, to end her fantasy


You left me, I hate you; please try to fight me!
Guardian of the Future: No mercy progeny; I can not let you live
Mine, they are mine, they are mine Mine and only mine
You are mine; you are mine: Mine and only mine

"The Guardians of Time use their powers to tear apart her earthly body
And the tower in an instance" But in the process something happens
As a result of what the Guardians does to destroy her world
The essence of Delacroix remains on earth and not in the Mainframe as intended
She manages to collect the scattered fragments of her soul
And takes on an abstract life form"

Trapped and lost Everything is lost
She's watching everyone Where can I run?
Where can I hide from him? No one hears
No one sees Most of all no one cares
They all obeyed, listening to her charming voice
Mine, you are mine, you are mine Mine and only
Mine, you were mine, you were mine Mine and only mine
They are mine: you are mine Mine and only mine
You are mine Mine