Text písně Hilltop Hoods: Hilltop Hoods - Simmy And The Gravespitter

Hilltop Hoods - Simmy And The Gravespitter

beatbox by simplex


you won't get far little punk
cuz i bust spear rhymes
i tear a bars like a drunk
on a bus to rhyme

the hideous insideous super fly suffer
ignorance is bliss n your a happy mother fucker

sucker rocker set im like bobba filled with intelect
im everywhere you go like, porno on the internet

so you don't wanna step trust me, you've been warned
you dont wanna play leapfrog, with a unicorn

leave you torn, you couldn't battle me, with that lame rhyme
you couldn't come hard with 2 women at the same time

you walk in the club tipped in joules n versace
n the gay guys wear that much gold ask liberache

mc's that terror get ah wonder why
if ya skills match ya ego you'll be eating humblepie

your rhymes are more average than ya girlfriends looks
and with a face like that i hope that girl can cook
its like that