We Are All Sick Mama

The seeds have fallen into the ground
They're thirsty for rain, they want rain
Cut my chest, look inside you'll see-it's all burning
It'll be late in a day, it'll be lat in an hour
In a minute you won't stand up
If the key doesn't open the door-smash the door!

We are all sick, mama
I know mama, we are crazy sick!

Steel between fingers, a clenched fist, hits into flesh
But there's poison, stale in our veins, there once used to run blood
A broken world, smashed heads, bread sliced in halves
Somebody is crying, somebody is quiet and somebody is happy, so happy!


You gotta be strong, you gotta be able to say
Hands off! Hands off me!
You gotta be strong or else why are we here at all
Millions of words mean nothing when you need a strong hand
And here you are on the bank, you think,
To swim or not to swim