Things You Do (Feat Aaron Hall)

(feat Carl Thomas)
Yea, Yea, baby, Yea
I like, Yea, Yea, I like
Oh I like ya baby, I like
Oh, Yea, Yea
Check it out
There was a reason I like you
And there's a reason I wifed you
Cuz I never seen nothin like you
So sweet my team even like you
There's no limit to tha things that I might do
And that's why you stay in tha finest
Everything major, never in tha minors
We dine on yachts far from them diners
I'm by your side far from behind ya
And I ain't gotta buy cars to remind ya
Gas you up and put your heart in tha grinder
You don't know what you mean to me, girl
Cuz you more like a queen to me
And I want you to cling to me
Cuz you came here you changed my scenery
It was just like a dream to me
That's what it seemed to be
You need a ring it not a thing to me
[Carl Thomas:]
(I like) The things you do to me
(I like) It brings out extacy
(I like) You really turn me on
(I like) I like tha way the feelings good things from you girl
Girl you are my lover
When I'm with you
There is no other
A spell you got me under
Please don't you leave I'm on my hands and knees
And now I'm back by popular demand
Rocks is in your hand
So let em know girl you gotta man
Even though you know I got a lot of fans
See me in tha club with tha bottles in my hand
Models on tha side try to holla if they can
Get a nigga home, try to swallow if they can
But you know they can't holla at your man
I'm focused so they can't bother with out plans
White sand we done did that
London did that
Sandrope we done did that