From Scratch


Yo, just think if you could rewind time
And start your life all over again
What would you give and what would you keep?
You heard me, what would you keep?


Yo, yo, if I could go back, I wouldn'ta sold no crack
Wouldn'ta never put my hands around no gat
But you know Loon, bein' all hard-headed
And don't listen, even if God said it
I didn't have to stick with folks that sniff no coke
I didn't have to fix the block when shit was broke
Same cats I helped was twistin' smoke
Now imagine if I went to school, went to class
'Stead of bein' a young cat sent to blast
Sent to slash criminal's necks in half
For playin' dumb when I come to collect my cash
And cuz of that cats will respect my past, I ain't playin'


If I start from scratch I'd sign with Def Jam
Nah, fuck am I saying? Puff's the best man
Plus I'mma Bad Boy, I'm more like a bad man
Put mo' nigga's in pits than Brad, man
Can't dodge bullets? Too bad, man
Shit, I'd a copped the five instead of the six
That way wouldn't of crashed and killed my cousin
Keep quiet instead of having the industry buzzin'
Do a devil's advocate style, don't let 'em see you comin'
Use the revolver when bustin' and sluggin'
That way no evidence
But fuck it, got money to be tried, worse come to worse
Who God bless, no man curse, hatin' niggas, lay in the dirt