I Was Made To Love You

In the sky I see angels flying all over town
They've got names in their pockets of lovers lost and found
If I send you my angel, would you send yours to me?
If our angels collide in the sky, you'll say it was meant to be

And days blank like they bleached them
And nights outline air like static on the phone
And you say that you feel them but the words you
Picked so carefully keep coming out all wrong

So I'll write them in light and I'll carve them in stone
I was made for loving you
I was put on this sweet earth too
I was made to love you

In the air I hear gunfire, going off in the hills clocks are ticking
The battle is nearing, I'm fending them off with these pills
If you're stuck in the front line, would you charm your way out?
You might like the idea of the kill, but you don't know what dying's about

In the sky I see angels flying all over town, they've got drugs in their
Pockets, to keep us all on the ground
I won't send you my angel; angels only deceive
Spit the pills out feed fuel to your fear and fly away with me