I Dont Wanna Hurt You

(Latif speaks)
Baby, you know you mean the world to me
That's why I can't keep you in a situation
where I can hurt you
Can I talk to you?
(Girl speaks)

First of all, I wanna tell you
that all I do is have love for you
No matter we go separate ways,
I'll still ride for you
'Cause you're the truth
Can't be replaced
You the type of girl that make
a nigga go out and get the ring
But the problem is
I'm not positive that I can give the commitment
that you're asking for
'Cause right now I'm young and though you're the one
I can't guarantee that I can be the one you want

(You want someone who is faithful)
I'm not admitting I can't do it, just dont wanna
put you through it
(If I may happen to see one)
She may holla, I may holla, but I wouldn't wanna
do that to you, no

Girl, I feel that I'll be cheating you if I continue to see you
'Cause you're not ready to get serious--I'm not 'cause I'm
still curious
See, I'd rather keep it real and tell you how I feel
'Cause I think you're beautiful and I don't wanna hurt you, no

See over and over again
I keep on saying to myself
I must be going out my
mind to not wanna spend more time with her
'Cause I love you more
and to game your heart
'Cause I know that I'm not ready
(To lock it down full time, settle down
with one dime, spend the rest of my life
with you)
It's better cry now, than hate me later
Trust me I've had a broken heart before
and I
(I know just how it feels)
And know in time it will heal
(In time it will reveal)