A Craving

craving for the flavor of mutilated carcass, a slave can
not resist it. slaughtered in the blood of a selfish
appetite, i question the carnivore's merit. devoured
through ignorance and apathy - a sensual extermination.
by the enjoyment of a by-product this is a brutal
civilization. gnawing on the bones soaked in the agony of
the flesh of a destroyed Animal. the pleasure is if food,
mere gluttony, your actions are pitiful. the milk on your
lips symbolizes exploitation and slaughter of a dairy
cow. six hens in a battery cage, bathing in their stool
for your callousness and ignorance. i've seen the hidden
and i won't take another bite. i've seen the violence and
i won't take another bite. i know compassion and i won't
take another bite. least of all i know my health and i'll
never take another bite. there is no peace in a
slaughterhouse. there is no peace on your plate. so
before you speak another word, think of the animal's