Text písně Randy Rogers Band: They Call It The Hill Country

They Call It The Hill Country

The hills of cow gap stood rugged and awesome
But you have to have fill dirt when you're building a road
And the hills of cow gap, they weathered the ages
Got wiped off the map for 12 dollars a load

Chorus: They call it the hill country, I call it beautiful
I'd call it progress if it could be saved
They call it the hill country I call it home
But what will they call it
When it's levelled and paved?

Uncivilized pagans drank untreated water
Right out of our rivers back in their day
Now those streams bubble with clean treated sewage
While they sit in their hotubs and they sip perrier


Scrape off the hilltops build look alike houses
Move in some people and turn on the TV
After the ball game turn on some old movies
They'll smile when they see how things use to be

Repeat Chorus