Text písně Ricky Martin: Gracias Por Pensar En Mi (Thank You For Thinking A

Gracias Por Pensar En Mi (Thank You For Thinking A

Nowadays my sadness isn't a passing thing
I'm obsessed with knowing the truth
And when night comes
Each star will seem like a tear

Don't say anything

I would like to be like everyone
To go happily through life
Or pretend like I'm always fine
To see things with humor

Don't say anything

That the bad things always pass
The future will be good
Everything passes

When everything is lost
There is always a way out
When everything is lost
A light always shines

Tomorrow will be a better day
But today, why do I feel like this?
A sad angel came down from heaven near me
And this obsession doesn't end
And my smile dries up

When everything is lost

No, oh don't say anything

Look at me silently
And thank you very much for thinking about me