Text písně Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes: Long Distance

Long Distance

(B Rush/J Lyon)

You've got the soul of a lover
But it gets lost in the wires
All the static confusion
Destroys the illusion
Of your secret desires

When I call you long distance
I can't wait till I hear you
But there's a bad connection
No communication
I can't seem to get near you

Long distance, you're so far away
My telephone never knows what to say
Electronic voices never give themselves away
Whoa - long distance

I hear the whisper of voices
They're all adrift in the trunk lines
All those words from the heart
Just one more part of a computer grapevine

But though your voice is so sold
And it's so hard to hear
When I get you alone
In the night - it's alright

Amundo Music/Dangerous Music/Doppler Shirt Music ASCAP