One-dog Brown

One-Dog Brown was a crazy man
Lived in the hills in back of my land
Had a Rebel flag and a half-dead dog
Showed no fear of man nor God


With a man like that you just can't tell
No one's left who knew him well
With a man like that it might be true
But he won't tell me
And he won't tell you

Sundown came I'd hear him sing
All about love and the pain it brings
Story was told that he killed his wife
Burled her bones in the full moon light

Winter came 'round and I fell sick
My fever raged and I was fading quick
Had a crazy dream about One-Dog Brown
Standin' by me as the sun went down

He told me boy, I just save your life
Then disappeard in the full moon light
When I hear him singin' up on the hill
I just don't know and I wonder still