Everything Goes Dark

Hypnotised by mirrors,
You should look out your window,
Beneath cracked panes of ice,
The sky's on fire
Drowned by the screams of decadence,
A call to arms

Too busy walking out to,
Work it out

It's not gonna matter what you chose,
It's too late when everything goes,

Dark (x2)
It's creeping up on you'
It knows your name,
All that you left behind,
Will never be the same,
It's come for all that you hold dear,
She starts to cry,
And here's a song to break your heart,
You're looking in the dark
I can't see,
It's getting late,
In the night we made mistakes;

Dark (x4)

Would you leave yourself alone?
If everything goes dark,
Would you lighten up your tone?
Once everything goes dark,
Everything goes dark,
Everything goes dark,
Dark (x2)
Dark (x6)


Everything goes dark (x3)