The Sweetest Victory

Rocky IV Movie Soundtrack

Deepest cut that can be healed
By the gun or by the sword:
It's hope that you can turn yourself
Outside at the end of the war
The cold sweat sticks to your heart
Your mouth gets drier and drier
The battle inside rages on
Your pulse races higher and higher

Sweetest victory; I love you more than life itself
Sweetest victory; you give me strength to know myself
Oh, sweet victory; my soul is yours and the glory is mine
Sweetest victory; the far-off stars will always shine

The toothlike nails rip me up
I can make it disappear
Time to forget has passed me by
There's no place to hide my fear
Hate and pain filled me up
Every minute takes longer and longer
I bead of sweat 'cause drops of blood
Makes me stronger and stronger

Chorus repeats