Text písně Walt Disney: Home From Beauty And The Beast

Home From Beauty And The Beast

yes,i made the choice
for papa-i will stay
but i dont deserve to lose my freedom in this way
you monster
if you think that what you've done is right,well then
your a fool
think again

is this home?
is this where i should learn to be happy
never dreamed that home could be dark and cold
i was taught
every day in childhood
even when we grow old
home will be twhere the heart is
never where words so true
my heart's far away
home is too

is this home?
is this what i must learn to belive in?
try to find
good in this tragic place
just in case
i should stay here for ever
held in this empty spaceoh,but that wont be easy
i now the reason why
my hearts far,far away
homes a lie

what i'd give to return
to the life that i new lately
but i now
that i cant
solve my problems going back

is this home?
am i here for a day or forever?
shut away
from the world until who knows when
oh but then
as my life
has been altered once
it can change again
build higher walls around me
change every lock and key

nothing lasts
nothing holds
all of me
my heartsfar,far away
home and free