Grave Ideals (Nekromaniac)

I'm in love with death- I Live for it I die for it
Your life! Is mine to take away
I'm here for the kill- I smell it I taste it
I'll masturbate! All over your shallow grave
The night is when I'll strike
- darkness is my domain
A fever of lust burns through my loins
At the sight of you in pain
I adore the screaming whore
Begging for her life
Her hot blood streams upon my face
She's now my dying bride
Ripped from cunt to chest,
Your flesh burns as I hack
My cock grows hard as I kill
I'm the nekromaniak
You're out of luck, you bitching fuck, you'll cry
With one last gasp
I smell your fear, your end is here- here at last!
Now don't you fret I've not come yet
- you are my darling slut!
I'll pull you down, into the ground
And give you one last fuck!
Your body still warm yet lifeless,
Your death is such a sight
I pump your corpse in ecstasy then cum at
Death's delight