Your World Dont Stop

I wake up to them rapping tunes
every afternoon, I'll be home soon
I see the board sometime after june
met a couple of convicts,
that's way beyond sick
it seems they dig my style,
cause I be on some don shit
laid back, I ran into some brothers
from wayback
those that I dig there be others black - i'm real unclear on what he
actually says here
I don't say jack
I stay in tune with the stars sun and moon
because behind bars your doomed if your mind can't consume
plus spiritual pain can bring forth physical rain
and without knowledge of self
how else can a criminal change?
and being locked up ain't the life of me
shit is way too trife for me
"you're coming home soon% sounds so nice to me
But you can bet, i'm bouncing out with mad props
and if I get chopped, and knocked Baby Pop
my world don't stop

And in here it makes us all the same
for blowing backs out five to fifteen
see you in the bean
till they max out
mis behavin, acting uncivilized like cavemen
I witness bravemen,
that gave inside(?) minds turn to gay men
nobody's playin
crimes of prisoners supposed to be preying(?)
on some low shit layin sleep
get yo ho shit banged in
who's to warn you
outta the hell these inmates gone through
from the 3 halves of a four group(?)
doubt if anyone is normal
and overall
it's hard to call
who would try to play you
one kid from my tomb caught a carved spoon through his navel
nothing can save you
even CO's try to grave you it's painful to even know
those that are most faithful, will betray you
I lay lo-key
cause I ain't heard the leas