Lemon Pledge

I pledge allegiance to the flag
No I don't I might as well pledge it to a body bag
Stars and stripes upon a blood stained rag
Hand over my heart and I'm 5 years old
Words I don't know now I do what I'm told
Cleanse the child's brain
Makin the mind safe and sane
For the hypocrites rhetoric and now the kids tame
Insane ready to come out the shell
Fill a head with lies and it begins to swell
Now are you ready for the big white lie?
Once upon a crime and you have to ask why
To pledge or not to pledge
That is the question
But they don't give you a choice when schools in session
Lesson #1
And you better get this message before this song is all done


I pledge allegiance to the flag-4x
Lyrically inept attempt to kick this rhyme
I state inept cuz its not on time
But it doesn't matter, no it doesn't matter
As long as I step in a revolution manner
Red stripes against a white foundation
Really means glory for the white mans nation
You won't admit and it don't mean shit
Cuz you know what we will never submit
To this flag rag of foreign oppression
The gringo system and the snakes of aggression
Clinton, Wilson, and Anglo militias
Same ideology all just as vicious
But one wears a smile and the other ones don't
And one reveals they're racist and the other ones won't
My people live a nightmare and they think it's a dream
I think at night and I'm ready to scream

[Chorus] 2X

Anti-affirmative action,
Social service cuts,
Three strikes law,
And proposition 187,
Now did you really believe that you lived in heaven?
And how can anyone really be surprised?
When the system, country, and flag was built on the demise
Of non white people, red and black
So how could you think you would be viewed as equal
And how can you really believe in reform
When a secret mason system dictates the norm
And in preservation of this neocolonial slave hunting-Red killing
Militias were reborn
We must disinfect and decontrol!
Decolonize our minds to regain control!
Decolonize our minds to save our souls!