Everywhere I Go

f/ D-Du

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[Brotha Lynch Hung talking]
Yeah, you got a 'port?
(Yeah nigga)
You got a light?

[Verse 1]

Now I started smokin' Newports, ain't that a bitch
I got so stressed out, I think I'm 'bout to dig a ditch for me
old school homies, be actin' like a grinch towards me
reach out to the family but they ain't got nothin' for me
I knew it would come, the day all hell would break loose
feel like I'm in the movie, 2PAC when he was in "Juice"
I'm a outcast, straight outblast, cover the body fast and smash
Type of nigga totin' them triggas because I have to
On my mama this is Siccmade for Life, and in the future made sicc
I'm in the Hafway House off the peel gettin' lit
Thinkin' fuck my bitch, she thinkin' fuck me too
We been together so long, I don't know what to do
But get drunk everyday talkin' 'bout fuck it
I did all I can but I guess that wasn't the plan, you can have the bucket
I'ma take the 6-4, and if you really wanna know, Lose 1, gain 1
It's the same story everywhere I go

[Chorus D-Dubb 2x]

Everywhere I go, I see so much hypocrisy
It makes me be who I am
And it's clear nobody understands my mind and why I say things that I do
And they don't know all the things that I been through

[Verse 2]

See, I got empty OE bottles all over the place
So many rappers at the spot can't find no A-Dat space
And so many, snakes in my life I can't never be hungry
Snake meat till I die, you know we ain't real homies
It feels good to help niggaz come up, I don't need nothin' back
You do your thang, I'ma do my thang, I'ma remain in the cracks
and crevasses tryin', to get my fetti shit
higher than mountains, I stay lifted like Chevy lifts
And I been tryin' for years to build a family full of ridas
Dammit I'm tryin', niggaz take it for granted, they lyin'
If they say they don't take it for granted
Take they lil' fame and vanish, get they lil' name and manage
To make a few chips, homies in business is all useless
Take advantage, I'll leave ya toothless, the truth is
I'm not that good of a judge
I been turned on by the thug life and happened to plug, ya know
It's like

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3 D-Dubb]

To see first in two faces, seem to be all around me
Your own actions make me doubt you, cuz they tellin' me all about you
I can hear in what you say, don't go with your way
So I guess I'll stay away from the same ol' same
Stay focused and doin' my thang
My rillas, we stay rollin', reactin' on game that we knowin'
Ain't never no cars to be showin'
And my only problem is that I keep forgettin', we don't love anymore
While we always ignore, so it's like I said once before

[Chorus 2x]

[Phone skit after end of song]
Ay what's up Lynch, this V
Get at ya boy mayne, you know I'm sayin' I need to use that camera mayne
So we can shoot that shit, holla at me when you get this message, aight
Peace, One Love and most definitely takin' over, SICCMADE