Hey, Doc!

[Spoken] Hey, Doc, hey, Doc, I've got to see you
[Spoken] Who's that waking me up at 8:30 here in the morning? What's wrong with you, boy?
[Spoken] Well, Doc, something is bothering me
[Spoken] Is that so? Well, tell me about it

Hey, Doc, hey, Doc,
I wonder what's wrong with me
[Spoken] You look like you're beat to your chops this morning
Hey, Doc, hey, Doc,
My temperature's one-oh-three
[Spoken] Well, let me feel your pulse, let me feel your pulse
Hey, Dock, hey, Doc,
Whenever she looks at me
[Spoken] Oh, there's a chick mixed up in this thing here!

Say, do you get a hazy spell?
A crazy spell?
And do you run around in circles and yell that you need a pill?

Hey, Doc, hey, Doc,
My ticker is on the blink
[Spoken] Hey, nurse, hand me my stethoscope over there
[Spoken] What do you think?
[Spoken] I think what the trouble is, uh, you in love!
[Spoken] Well, Doc, that's a killer That's a gasser That knocks me on out