Sangtekster for Camron: What Means The World To You (Remix) feat Ludacris

What Means The World To You (Remix) feat Ludacris


Track Mas-ter-rrrah!
What means the world to me? Snappin bras, menage-a-trois
What means the world to me? Smokin hash, slappin ass
What means the world to me? Breakin laws, racin cars
What means the world to me? Makin bail, A-T-L


Uhh, uhh
What mean the world to me?
When I bang hoes, sky blue Range Rov's
Stop comin to my crib with your period
Serious bitch, and you act like I ain't know
I like my dishes deep, I like when I twist a freak
I like when her man find out when the court came mouse
Laugh when he went for me; I tell him
Women are trife - yeah I been in your wife
but do me a favor, dog
Don't call here again in your life, I'm killer
Atlanta I bubbled, in Memphis I hustled
In Kansas I juggle, New York, all my muscle we tussle
Listen you would too, if you knew
what this game would do to you
Been in this shit, two years Boo
Look at all the bullshit I been through
So called beef with you know who (who?)
But I got max gats
Nine nine's times nine, blow, blow, OW! (owww)

Let me tell 'em what'll mean the world
Ludacris and a couple a girls
You find a brotha runnin up in the girls
I get 'em drunk, chugga-luggin the girls
Ding-a-ling face huggin the girls
I get late - think I'm up with the girls?
Skeet, skeet, gone; it's all about that party
Bacardi - motions, rub lotion, all over your body
What means the world to me?
A little head preferably, so I express this verbally
And I don't care, I just want somebody to braid my hair
Cause I keeps it nappy, I'm happy, and I got my word and ball
That's all I need in this world, plus a little bit of alcohol
A box of Ph