Signs Of Love Making

These are the signs that are made for eachother
Are you the Zodiac Freak?

I'm a capricorn I came here to get manish
Oh I know its good when you start speaking Spanish
And essentially, You're full of energy after I'm done your still tellin me you want me
I met a gemini, oh what a sex drive
From the front back left and the right
Baby I will guarantee to give you everything your body's missing

These are the signs of love making
Are you the Zodiac Freak
I've been looking for a girl you're sending me
Signs of love making
And you make me say

Damn how do i explain this next one?
This girl right here near blew my mind

I met a scorpio
She had no limit to where she'd go
And she was so damn sexual
She said Tyrese, are you ready for me?
I'll do anything to fulfill your needs
Tell me what you want and I got ya baby
Whisper in my ear while I'm driving you crazy
I'm gonna smack you from the side
While I'm grabbing them thighs


Libra Gemini Virgo are you with me
Pisces Aries Scorpio are you with me
say yea yea yea
Sagittarius Cancer and Taurus
I dont know what it is but you leo's drive me crazy
Crazy baby


I was talking to this girl one day
And she asked me what is your sign of love
I said a capricorn she was impressed
Baby what is your (sign) (of love) she said a pisces
We're connected
And I think you're kinda sexy baby
She said capricorn take my hand
I'm gonna take you to lovers land
I'm gonna show you things you've never seen
All night long, in my bed