Farmer's Prayer

Lord put a hand to the handle of my hoe
Let me make another step help me go another road
Even though I'm tired I'd break my back for my wife and kids livin' in the shack

Every morning Lord I I get up and look at the sky
And I know if I'm gonna work the sun's gotta shine
I'm gettin' old Lord before my time broke down body and mind
And some time when I don't see a rain cloud floatin' by Lord I just feel like dyin'
My pa used to tell me when I was a boy
He said son them big white fleely clouds ain't nothin' but the cottonfields of the Lord
So after all these years of plantin' and choppin' and pickin'
If I do get to the heaven like I've been tryin' and them clouds be what pa said Lord
I hope your angels know how to use a hoe
Lord put a hand

You rememeber the time when the wife said you gotta slow down
I said honey I gotta make it while I can so I worked three days without stoppin'
For Miss Simons down the road had would need choppin'
Ame Merlow over east had hay that needed bailin'
Ol' man Turner he wanted his hopper fixed
Before spring plantin' down my back Lord
But I got it all done before the sky turned black now
Lord I ain't complainin' but sometime when you see me stumble
Reach down and lift a hand under my cotton sack
Make my days a little shorter my nights a little longer
Make a hammer a little lighter and a dollar a little stronger
If there's anything I can do for you Lord
Let me know what's to be done Lord by will be done goodnight Lord
Lord put a hand