Truck Drivin' Son Of A Gun

I got a cute little gal in every eastern town from Boston to St Louis
There's some that I don't even know but I'm looking forward to
Cause I like my women everywhere I go
So roll on big wheels don't you roll so slow

Peggy Ann is a waitin' in Memphis and Betty Lou in Maine
I got a gal in Knoxville town but man I forgot her name
But not her figure oh I remember that
I'm a kiss stealin' a wheelin' deelin' a truck drivin' son of a gun

There goes Joe a flying low making up his time
But where I sit I don't believe you'd say I'm wastin' mine
I'm movin' faster than a Jimmy-8
If you think I'm losin' time you're runnin' late

I got a steady little baby a waitin' waitin' back home for me
There are six more towns to go till I'm back in Tennessee
And six more women oh at least I know
Yeah I'm a kiss stealin' wheelin' deelin' a truck drivin' son of a gun