The Sacred Wind

Dreaming of the starts up high
That speak to me in secret sighs
Drifting on a breeze only I can feel
And you

Could it be the sacred wind
Thats calling me to now begin
To walk into the dark
Copying the light of tomorow

Give to not the wings up high
Beyond the earth, beyond the sky
come now, dont hesitate
Dont run back we got to go now
Dont fear,you'll be safe from now on
Morning star watching over us

Deep inside so silently my heart will speak
Weeping silently, memories bechoning
And shimering on, endlessly

Keep me close to the path
Morning star watching over us

Moving on the endless mountains up so high
Walking to the light, your heart will see the path
And you will find the way, just wait and see

Moving on the endless sky up so high
Tomorow will follow any boat
Your promise is today
Just wait and see