Dont Go Against The Grain

How many MCs must we put in pain?

[Pop The Brown Hornet]

I had a dream that I was in an MC war
Kinda different than any other dream I had before
MCs packin rhymes like jiggys be packin nines
They said a verse and it was like I could read they fuckin minds
I threw a metaphor, this player gave me an encore
They asked him what you go and fuck with Pop for
You read his diary, heard he's won every rivalry
If you ask me I feel you owe him an apology
An old school cat who got knowledge under his cap
So don't approach me with that bullshit black
Because I been there, did that, bust shots and sold crack
Been shot at but I been put here to rap
So no matter what you do and say my style been put here to stay
Just like the sun sees the next day
Manditory that you hear my story
To all them thugs who thought I wouldn't make it, you ain't got nuthin for me
You couldn't clean the shit off my shoes
That I stepped in when I was out there payin my dues
You's a blown fuse, bad news
Good for nothin like tattoos and saggy boobs
June Luva drop the jewels on em
Warn em, go get em

[June Luva]

Yo let's go to war, and my objective is to score
Collectin mad points as my opponents hit the floor
You better come the best way you know how nigga
Gun play, that's the way it goes down nigga
I know you know the rules of New York
Bullshit walk, so kill all that bloodclot talk
We hawk, I stalk the streets with the Ginsu
Anybody move, cop killer to your tissue
Hits you, put you where the good lord split you
Whoever that be doubtin my steez nigga please
I been through more shit than toilet bowl flushes
Ran through more clicks than NFL rushers
Plus this be the best connect that you've he