Guilty of Innocence

Cruel gruesome images in the lost world
Massacre of the masses unnoticed
War orphans, sad daunting visions
Left young and angry, viscious combination
Fleeing slaughter and the application of terror
Millions pass through the avenue of the damned
Bodies left rotting by the road side
Motherless children sleep on blood stained earth
Eyes of war

Human rights or the loss of trating status
Fabric and steel more important than flesh and bone
Callous leaders create and spread confusion
Distance themselves with the politics of death
To keep the peace or feed the starving millions
Donation wrapped with red tape solid stuck
United nations a combination of power
Will not help what they refuse to see

Eyes of war
Dying weak stare
And see nothing
Cannot read these lies
Hidden, in the eyes of war
Beyond the shadows that blind the earth
Body to body filth and dirt
Pleasure of pain, truth or desire
Hot buring seas of fire
Fighting for life a useless cause
Barren land and shallow men
Now your future becomes your past
The wait for dying has come at last
Fuck the new world order