In Memory of You Dear Old Pal

in memory of you, dear old pal
(Words and Music by C E Snow "? Hank, The Singing Ranger)G7 C E C C G7 G7 C Gdim G7Everything has gone wrong and the nights are so long since you left us down here all alone,C E7 F C G7 C F Ceveryday seems a year and the whole world is drear, it seems now I just can't go onG7 F C D7 C7Standing close by my side is our own little pride, he misses your lullaby tune,C E7 F C G7 CAnd his big dark blue eyes swell with tears as he cries "Won't Mummy come back to us soon?"?I planted sweet lilies for you dear of one on your grave "?neath the pines in the dawn and our baby each day kneeled with me as I prayed in mem'ry of you dear old palG7 C E C C G7 G7 C Gdim G7The angels will love you and keep you I know, "?cause they needed some one just like youC E7 F C G7 C F Cto brighten the heaven around God's great throne, and add a new star to the blueG7 F C D7 C7I'll watch o'er the baby and tend him with care and each night by his bedside I'll kneelC E7 F C G7 CAnd if tears do not stop me I'll sing him to sleep in mem'ry of you dear old pal
All your big stakes and treasures I placed them away to me they mean more than a world and the baby's first curl to your picture I've tend in mem'ry of you dear old pal