Dreamed I was a fireman I just smoked and watched
you burn Dreamed I was an astronaut I shot you down
like a juggernaut Dreamed we were still going out
Had that one a few times now Woke up to find we were
not It's good to be awake Dreamed I was a tidal
wave I ravaged your coast, there were no survivors
Dreamed I was your landlord I showed your place when
you had lovers If I was a vampire, I wouldn't suck
your blood Then I dreamed I was you Sweetest dream
I have had If you could hear the dreams I've had, my
dear, they would give you nightmares for a week But
you're not here and I can never sleep Come home so I
can be a creep Dreamed I was a dream I stole you
away in your sleep Saved you from a fire, a gun for
hire, I introduced you to a vampire A wave crashed
on the beach We rolled around in its foamy grasp
Kissing in the chaos of a kelpy sea Seems I couldn't
save you from me Maybe I'm obsessive to think like
this Probably not impressing you with my cheap
tricks Honey, it's depressing what depression does
to some I'll play the part for hours but I know
you'll never come