Jet Black

I'll be quiet to keep you quiet
Don't concern yourself with my slow dying
Through the vents I hear you sigh
I don't get too high these days
Your floor is my ceiling
Lights out, you can't come in
If you don't remind me, I won't forget you
If you don't ask, I won't upset you
I am jet black
I am stone cold
Jet black to the center
Funny like a funeral
I need you to bury me
White noise in black room dust
These hands long for one last touch
Hourglass all out of trust
I don't scratch so I won't itch
I don't reach so I won't miss
I taste our last kiss
This is the cure: the same as the symptom
Simple and pure: break to keep fixing
Patiently nurse, patient and nurse
This is the part I wouldn't show you
The part where you say, "I don't even know you"
This is your cue
Be glad it's through